The Skeleton Of The Child Was Buried for 500 years In A Church, The Truth Has Surprised


Scientists in Naples, Italy, removed a 500-year-old skeleton of a child from the ground in a church, that causing many shocking secrets to open.

Scientists were studying continuously on this skeleton, excavating from a church named Saint Domenico Maggiore. It was believed that this child was killed by a disease like chicken pox, but the truth came from the scientist who remained surprised. DNA opens the secret …

Earlier, the simple test was done on the skeleton, in which DNA testing was not used. It was believed that this child would have died from some kind of virus or chicken pox. However, when McMaster University’s team of experts took the DNA test from the skeleton with bones and other samples, the shocking truth came out.

DNA revealed that this child’s death was not from chicken pox but HBV i.e. hepatitis B virus.

This virus do not change for 500 years

The most shocking aspect of this research was Hepatitis-B virus. According to scientists, viruses change themselves very quickly, but for 450-500 years Hepatitis-B has not seen any special changes and this virus is still killing millions of people.

These benefits will be from this research

According to a team of scientists, it is a matter of concern for minor changes in the virus or for a long time. It is difficult to fight such a virus.

A member of the research team said, “It is now time that we will study on similar viruses of ancient times, which will give us more ways to deal with them.