Do You Know What The Last Digit Of Your Birth Year Can Reveal About You?


Your birth year has much more significance than simply being a way to calculate your age. According to the Chinese calendar, the last digit of your birth year reveals a lot about your personality and life in general. Each number from 1 to 9 signifies one of the five basic elements of feng shui – metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. Like your zodiac signs, these elements too dictate your being.

Read on to find out which element you belong to!

1. Element: Metal (0-1)

If the last digit of your birth year is 0 or 1, you are governed by the element of metal. You inherit all the qualities of metal – flexibility, good concentration, and a need for personal space. You are mostly reserved and might appear ostentatious and sophisticated to others. You are fiercely independent and do not welcome the unsolicited advice. You love to offer help to people but you never ask for it yourself. You pave your own way very carefully and hate when someone shows sympathy towards you.

Weakness comes to you in the form of relationships as you are critical and stubborn. Romantic relationships could fail if your partner does not accept your ways and support you. You demand a lot from your partner.

2. Element: Water (2-3)

Water stands for volatility and adaptability. Likewise, you are sensitive, empathetic, creative, and intuitive. A loquacious and pleasant personality, you have the innate ability to mould people’s thoughts through conversations. You make for a controlling partner; however, without being overtly dominating. You have the charm and calming effect of a flowing river and, through appreciation, can make everyone around you feel good about themselves. This also makes you trustworthy and lovable.

Your demerit is that you may always try to appear good, which may often make you indecisive, unperceptive, and disheartened. You need to ensure that your partner does not misuse your tolerance power in relations.

3. Element: Wood (4-5)

Wood is the strongest part of the tree, which holds it for decades, making it strong enough to stand all adversities and weather conditions while it blooms. Just like that, the element of wood stands for growth and progress. You love to grow richer with experiences and knowledge. You possess a dynamic, active, social, and an overall positive personality, which remains so even during hard times. Relationships are of core value to you and you tend to give your 100% to your romantic endeavours.

Your only weakness is that you tend to overwork and yet remain behind the scenes, allowing others to lead. However, remember – it’s better to be one in a crowd of a million than to be lost in the crowd.

4. Element: Fire (6-7)

Fire symbolises passion and action. People who have 6 or 7 as the last digit of their birth year are adventurous, strong, competitive, restless, and impulsive. If you happen to possess this number, you love the art of seduction or showing affection to your beloved. You are a person of great passions, who enjoys relationships thoroughly. In your professional arena, you are a good leader, motivated by the desire to succeed. You attract people towards you through your actions and strong personality and are always blooming with great ideas.

Your only weakness is that you lose your temper easily and want everything done immediately. Additionally, you become stressed easily for you possess a low tolerance.

5. Element: Earth (8-9)

Earth, which is also the ground that gives beings and everything else on this planet stability, symbolises security, trust, and firmness. You aim for perfection and are a patient, wise, and cautious person. With a clear mind, you are a good advisor to many. You have a wisdom that allows others to come to terms with their inner being. You are also very responsible and self-sacrificing. Loyalty, a grounded nature, pragmatism, and bankability are the key terms that define you. Once you start trusting a person, he/she becomes a part of your life forever.

Your weakness is that you want to control everything in life and rely on logic a bit too much without really paying attention to your intuitions. You are too scared of changes. You need to let go and let life unravel all that it has for you.

Now that you know your element, have fun decoding yourself and your loved ones!