15 Interesting Facts To Understand The Woman


Once a wise man wrote a book on women and their interesting facts. We are sure that everyone reading this article would agree with the fact that understanding women is not easy. We can though, through some patterns, can make a rough deduction about the common behaviors of women so that easy to understand her.

We have brought a collection of 15 interesting facts that will help you understand women better and even save you from having a hard time with her.

1. Three different stages

2. You don’t say. Eh?!

3. This is why I never get any calls

4. As non-emotional we can be… Give her attention the next time she’s angry

5. She always need SPF 75++ sunscreen, a make-up set, and blah blah blah…

6. You have been warned!!!

7. Tried and tested by the UN!

8. Don’t you think ?

9. The most interesting secrets of all!

10. And you can’t even plead the fifth

11. Mathematical predictions are NEVER wrong

12. Join the club

13. Britannica lied to you all the time

14. Ahem. Ahem. Ahem…

15. Some Random Woman.-Let me add some more complexity