11 Ways To Be More Attractive For Man & Woman According To Science


Everyone believes that everything is easy when you are beautiful. People like you more, you are more persuasive, healthier, smarter, and others seem to trust you more. However, you don’t have to be a model or hit the genetic lottery to become more attractive and appealing to others, especially to the opposite sex.

Below are 11 scientifically proven ways for men and women to become irresistible to the opposite sex.

1. Women should smile and men should brood more

Researchers found that men are more attracted to women who smile more and radiate with happiness. Men want to make their women happy and when they see a woman’s smiling face it immediately captures their attention.

On the other hand, a study called “Happy Guys Finish Last: The Impact of Emotion Expressions on Sexual Attraction” found that happiness is the least attractive quality in a man. Women find swaggering and brooding men the most appealing. This probably explains why girls are attracted to bad boys.

2. Smells Good

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Having and maintaining proper hygiene habits are essential when it comes to how others perceive us. And while you should never forget to shower and clean your teeth, research has shown that men and women are attracted to the smell of body in the opposite sex.

Researchers say that the reason we are attracted to pleasant smells is that the parts of the brain which process smell and sight are connected.

3. Women: Keep your red lipstick handy and Men: Shave your beards

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Ladies, if you want to become irresistible to men, next time when you are at a drug store pick a red lipstick. A study from the Manchester University showed that men are attracted to red colored lips more than any other color. Plus, the women’s lips are the number one most attractive quality according to men.

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When it comes to men, women find beardless men more attractive. A study found that even though men with beards are seen as more aggressive and of a higher social status, when it comes to attractiveness, they are seen as less attractive as their beardless counterparts.

4. Eats fruits and vegetable for glowing skin

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Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants which are great for the skin. They are a natural way for a radiant and glowing skin which in turn makes you more attractive.

Plus, they have a lot of plant-based pigments which give the skin a healthy color and rosy cheeks that show a person is healthy which in turn makes them beautiful and attractive.

5. Wear red

Red is a color that is associated with passion, virility, love, power, and deep eroticism. It is a great color for both sexes if they want to become instantly more attractive and desired by the opposite sex.

Studies have shown that this color affects enormously the way we perceive our potential partner. According to research, both men and women are more attractive, more sexually desirable and receptive when they wear red.

6. Try to keep yourself relaxed and stress free

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Let’s agree on one thing – stress is not hot. And people who are stressed are considered less attractive than those who are relaxed, according to a study.

The reason is that, subconsciously, we all look for a partner that is able to handle stressful situations well. This means that they have good genes that can be further passed on to the children.

7. Be an excellent conversationalist

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Being able to engage in a meaningful conversation, and not just in small talk is a very attractive quality in both men and women. Harvard study found that if you talk meaningfully about yourself and your life and goals, you activate your partner’s pleasure centers of the brain.

But, if you are an introvert and you don’t want to talk about yourself, you can ask your partner open-ended questions (What…? When…? Where…? How…?) because people love talking about themselves.

8. Women should talk in higher pitched voice

Ladies, you can now be confident speaking in your high-pitched voice and not worry because studies have shown that men usually prefer women with high-pitched voice than women whose voice sounds husky and hoarse.

This is because the high-pitched voice conveys a picture in the male’s brain of a woman with smaller body type. Women, on the other hand, prefer men who have deep voices.

9. Men should play to hard

A study published in Psychological Science has found that women are more attracted to a man when they are not sure whether he likes them or not.

This is because women then start analyzing the situation to find if the guy likes them or not, which results in them not being able to get the guy out of their head thus resulting in the woman really liking the guy. So, guys, create some mystery at the beginning.

10. Start mirroring your partner

According to many scientific studies, by subtly mimicking your partner’s movement you become more attractive in their eyes because subconsciously they will start perceiving you as empathetic and compassionate.

Bonus tip: Saying their name during the conversation will make them like you more because people love hearing their name – it makes them feel important.

11. Be confident

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This is probably the most important thing. Having confidence is extremely sexy and attractive. Many researchers have found that confidence is the key to attraction.

If you love and care about yourself, the rest will follow. Because the way you treat yourself is the way you teach others how to treat you.

Source: TrendingPulse