“War Against Railway Rowdies” of An Indian Hero Dipesh Tank and Team

35-year-old Dipesh Tank and his nine companions team started 'War Against Railway Rowdy' in Mumbai Local stations. (Image Source: IndiaTimes)

Dipesh Tank’s team is active at more crowded stations in Mumbai. These 10 people help girls by making videos of molesters in Mumbai railway stations, India. About 140 cases have been registered with the help of video.

Local trains in Mumbai are full of chaos. There is a separate compartment for women, yet they are often tampered with in the movement of the crowd or in general coaches. If any women go to the police to complain to the accused, the evidence is sought. And thus no evidence, no complaints. To overcome this problem of evidence, 35-year-old Dipesh Tank and his nine companions started ‘War Against Railway Rowdy’.

Police stance cold, girls are also not wanna go to court. Still Dipesh continues his war
‘War Against Railway Rowdy (WARR)’. Volunteers are active on the train, on the platform. If there is a wrong move, they make a video. The team identified those stations, where there is more activity of molestions. Dipesh started this campaign after the Nirbhaya scandal December 16, 2012.

The whole story of Dipesh in his words

“On December 16, 2012, the Nirbhaya scandal in Delhi and after that on August 22, 2013, Shakti Mill Gang Rape in Mumbai. After these two incidents, I decided to take responsibility as “It’s our problem and we need to fix it”.  And I started ‘War Against Railway Rowdy’. My motive is that in the train or on the railway platform to take advantage of the crowd, fit a fear in the minds of those who have tampered with the girls that their movements are constantly being watched. If such an act was seen, I would make her video and give the victim girl away, so that she could easily complain about tampering.

Sexual harassment at the railway station.

Watch how women are treated, when they standing at the platform.Last night our team was patrolling at Santacruze st. #WARR #MumbaiLocal

Posted by War Against Railway Rowdies on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

In a short time 9 more people joined me and became our team. However, this work is not easy at all. Many times people quarrel with us. Many times they beaten us but we do not wander from our responsibility.

When War Against Railway started Rowdy, first of all, the Mumbai local station took observed where there is a lot of crowd. Railway stations such as Santacruz, Malad, Dadar and CST used to tamper with girls in a moving train.

Within these stations or in the train secretly we started making videos with volunteers those movements. By making a video we give the victim girl or take her to the police station and give it. Due to our efforts, the case has been registered under Section 110 of the IPC and RPF Act against 140 motors.

Initially, the police’s attitude towards our complaints was very cold. Girls also shy away from complaining about the scourge of court. Yet I understand my social responsibility and for this reason I continue my campaign. ”

Source: Facebook | TheBetterIndia