People Born In 90s Can Only Understood These Messy Things


If you are born in the 90’s, then you will definitely remember these 9 things. Today we are showing you some similar things that people born in the 90’s have the most faced.

In the olden days, the memory of the Black and White Mobiles phone was full during  chatting via sms and this message would have definitely caused the disturbance. In such a situation, the message that had come from the other side, the old messages were quickly deleted. Over time, we are seeing a lot of changes in technology. Today many things have become easy for us, but from our childhood to teenagers, some things have troubled us too. Today we are showing you some similar things that people born in the 90s will have the most face like slow internet problem …

Before we got to Facebook, we found social media sites such as Yahoo and Orkut, but the slow speed internet became a headache. If there was friendship with someone then it was too long to receive messages. Downloading movies and songs was like having dreams come true.

Typewriter type mobile

Neither the touch screen mobile nor the QWERTY keypad like today. In such a way, writing A to Z was such a thing as writing every word as the mobile became a typewriter.

Phone without caller ID

That was the early round of mobile phones. Landline phones were used arbitrarily at that time. Very few people had caller ID facility. In such a situation, people have been harassed too by bells.

The bill was opened by the phone

On the other hand, lovers talking on the phone on the other side were relieved that the caller ID will not be caught. But at the end of the month, the phone bill opened the whole things.

1. This message has often troubled you

2. Scratch on our favorite CD

3. That portable CD player fight to fit in jeans pocket is like a walkman

4. Finding the mobile signal on the roof

5. The slowest computer processor of Baba Adam’s era computer.

6. Got entangled in the telephone wire.

7. The threats given to copy those CDs

8. Finding that software for work

9. Download in that slow internet.