Camouflage! Can You Spot The Animals?

Find the real puppy?
Find the real puppy?

Animals have a special ability  of camouflage means by disguised hide himself from predators, on contrary or to hunt. Even our pets have also do the same sometimes unexpectedly.

We on Gettyfeed brought photos of invisible animals who are the absolute champion of game hide and seek. Can you spot them! Lets play hide and seek…

1. Double camouflage

Camuflagem dupla  ~  double camouflage

2. Spot the cat

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3. Hopefully no one can find me

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5. Cats are the champion of camouflage

Gatto mimetico

6. Especially in the wild


7. This looks quite dangerous

Bitis gabonica - East African Gaboon Viper

8. Just monumental!

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9. Master of camouflage

Camouflage cat

10. 3D carpet

11. Perfect place to hide

Eastern Screech Owl - 4366b+sg

12. Cute little seahorse

Pygmy Seahorse -Hippocampus bargibanti

13. Anything you saw?


14. Find the caterpillar

malaysia unbekannte Raupenart unidentified caterpillar

15. Underwater camouflage

Camouflage ...

16. Need an extra lens!

Peacock Sole - Pardachirus pavoninus

17. Spot the gecko

satanic leaf tailed gecko camouflage

18. Snow White


19. Cats are the champions of camouflage

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20. Perfectly hid

camouflage spider